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Why do wisdom teeth cause problems?

Published in 12 of August, 2014

Wisdom teeth that are healthy and are properly placed can be valuable in the mouth. Unfortunately, this does not happen in most cases and problems arise that cause them having to come out. For example, when the jaws are not large enough to fit your teeth, they can get impacted, meaning they cannot accommodate to come out into place. They come out crooked, only partially or remain trapped below the bone and gum.

Why are wisdom teeth extracted?

The extraction of third molars can protect the overall health of your mouth. It is recommended when there are any of the following conditions:

  • When they partially erupt, as it leaves an opening in the gum for bacteria to enter and cause infection, resulting in pain, swelling and general discomfort.
  • When a wisdom tooth is retained, it may continue to erupt without sufficient space and cause damage to adjacent teeth;
  • When a fluid-filled sac (cyst) or tumor destroying nearby structures such as bone or roots of other teeth is formed.

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