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What are dental implants?

Published in 12 of August, 2014

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are placed (implanted) in the maxillary or mandibular bone through a small surgical operation and serve the function of a tooth’s root. Artificial teeth, partial or full dentures are inserted into these artificial roots thus replacing natural teeth.

These prostheses work exactly like our natural teeth and are therefore the best alternative to solve the lack of teeth. Everyone is a candidate for this procedure, but you need a preliminary assessment, clinical examination, radiographic and laboratory tests to determine the type of implant necessary in each case.

Dental implants allow chewing and biting with complete comfort and safety as real teeth would do.

Do I need a dental implant?

Everyone with a missing  dental piece  is a candidate for this procedure, including those who have full or partial removable denture.

What is dental implant surgery?

Implant surgery is not painful but usually entails mild discomfort, similar to an extraction, and swelling occurs during the first 48 hours. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or general sedation, depending the case and preference of the patient.

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