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Good oral health is essential to the general well-being. One of the main goals of dentistry is to help young children have dental health. You can help your son or daughter have a lifetime of healthy smiles if you start early with dental visits.

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Primera visita

Una buena salud bucal es esencial para el bienestar general. Una de las principales metas de la odontología es ayudar a que los niños pequeños tengan salud dental. Usted le puede ayudar a su hijo o hija a tener una vida llena de sonrisas sanas si empieza tempranamente con las visitas al dentista.

Odontología para el bebé

Brindamos asesoría para la prevención de patologías bucales, alteraciones en el crecimiento orofacial del recién nacido y la detección de malos hábitos orales asi como acesoria a los padres sobre el cuidado dental del bebe  para crear una “Generación Cero Caries”.

Odontología para niños con capacidades diferentes

Para todo el equipo del Centro Dental Especializado es muy importante la  atención y asesoría para la prevención oportuna, rehabilitación y tratamiento de enfermedades dentales en pequeños y adultos con capacidades diferentes, con síndrome de down o parálisis cerebral o culquiertipo de discapacidad.

Preguntas Frequentes

Why should I take my child to the dentist if his/her teeth are going to fall out anyway?

The primary teeth or "baby teeth" of your child are very important. Strong, healthy baby teeth help you chew better, learn to speak clearly, smile and look good. Furthermore they give the child's face it’s shape and balance. The overall health of your child may be affected if the primary teeth have infections or fractures and are not treated early. Cavities in primary teeth can also affect the eruption of permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is lost prematurely, your child will need a space maintainer until the permanent tooth erupts. If it is not used, the tooth next to it can be tilted into the empty space. This can cause permanent teeth to grow crooked and an expensive and long treatment might be needed later on in the child’s life.

At what age should my child go to the dentist for the first time?

You should schedule the first appointment when your child turns one. This way you can establish a good relationship between your child and your dentist. In addition to checking your child for cavities or any other problems, we will teach you how to clean your child's teeth properly and evaluate any adverse habits such as thumb sucking and identify the need of fluoride in your child’s teeth. By starting with visits to the dentist at an early age you will help your child live a life with good dental habits.

How often should my child go to the dentist?

There is no rule, but children should go to the dentist every six months. However, each child's needs are different, so your dentist can tell you how often it is best for your child.

What will happen during the first consultation?

The dentist will examine your child’s teeth and gums gently to check for cavities and other problems. If necessary, the teeth will be cleaned or another appointment might be scheduled for this. Your dentist might also take X-rays to see if the bones of the face and teeth are developing properly and to find some hidden caries. They will also give tips to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy.

What time of the day is best to take my child to the dentist?

Many dentists prefer to see the kids in the mornings when they are rested and cooperate more. Moreover, morning appointments do not interfere with naps or meals. Although you know your child best and can choose a time that is convenient for you and your child.

What should I tell my child about the dentist?

Tell your child that the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help care for their teeth. Talk of the appointment in a positive way, the same way you would tell them about any new experience. A visit to the dentist can be a pleasant adventure for your child.

What are the tips for the first dental visit to be a positive experience?

Tell your child that the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help care for their teeth. Talk of the appointment in a positive way, the same way you would tell them about any new experience. A visit to the dentist can be a pleasant adventure for your child.


  • Let anybody tell your child horror stories about dental visits.
  • Let the child know that you are worried about going to the dentist.
  • Bribe your child to go to the dentist.
  • Use the event as a punishment or threat.
  • Tell them that they are going to get injected.


  • Try to make dental visits an enjoyable activity for your child.
  • Consider that the first appointment is to get to know each other or talk to your dentist before your appointment if you have concerns.
  • Set a good example as a parent by brushing your teeth three times a day, flossing, eating a balanced diet and visit us often.
  • You, your dentist and other dental team members can do a lot to protect your child from dental disease. Starting consultations at an early age and helping your child establish good habits through your example can get your child to have healthy and strong teeth for a lifetime. (Extract from ADA).

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